Monday, January 4, 2010

Time to Get Back in the Saddle

The holidays are over, and my birthday (which was yesterday) has passed. I let myself have a few indulgences over the last month and a half (and I've been afraid to get on the scale to see what I've gained.)

I did do a number of things to balance out the fun. I fit in extra exercise when ever I could, and tried to balance out allowing myself an occasional treat by going more austere other days.

Still, a couple of bad habits have crept in. I'm now back up to two cups of coffee a day, and I've been allowing myself a bit too much sugar. My raw percentage has also gone below were I normally like to see it.

On the plus side, even through my raw percentage has gone down, I balanced it by having more vegetarian meals and went completely meatless at least 3 days a week.

So now that we rang in a new year, it's time to focus on my diet again and work to cut out sugar and caffeine. My husband is supposed to go away on a business trip soon, and when he goes I'll plan on doing a mini-detox--going completely vegetarian, with no caffeine, alcohol, meat and dairy. It will be good for me and I know I'll feel great afterwards.

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