Friday, January 29, 2010

Drive-thru Dieting???

What a bunch of horse-shit!!

If you want to improve your health, lose weight and maintain that weight loss you will not do it eating drive-thru tacos.

You need to make positive changes to your diet. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and eat a primarily vegetarian diet. You also have to exercise.

There is no easy way to lose weight permanently, and although these big food chains are claiming you will lose weight eating their over-processed, nutritionally devoid food, it's all an illusion.


  1. Let me first say that I don't advocate what I'm going to say. But, if all one is interested in is losing weight, all one has to do is reduce the daily calorie intake. How its done doesn't matter much. Unfortunately, there are many people who really don't care about the health aspect.

    My daughter has lost over 40 pounds since August. Though she rarely eats fast food, she eats things that I wouldn't dream of eating (maybe I'm the finicky parent?) -- the things Michael Pollan calls edible foodlike substances. She was in the room with me when Michael Pollan was on Oprah and commented, "I don't want to THINK about my food; I just want to eat." She still believes the advertising.

    Unfortunately, she doesn't believe a lot I have to say about food. Some years ago I had a health scare and on my doctor's advice started following a vegan diet. Not only did I lose any credibility in teaching my kids about food, they pretty much stopped eating anything I cooked. While I've gone back to being an omnivore and have made pretty much a 180° turn, they mistrust what I have to say about food -- though they now eat what I cook!

  2. I personally am glad there are some halfway decent fast food options. It is so great to be able to grab a Starbuck's oatmeal versus a burger or burrito. When I was a SAHM (soon to return to that status) I had this lovely thing called time, in which to shop/cook/eat time consuming, vegetable-intensive foods. I agree that fast food is not health food regardless, but it is terrific that there are some healthier stop-gap options (and I know some of you are so organized and together you don't need stop gaps. I, alas, do not fall in the category!)

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