Thursday, October 29, 2009

So, am I "Indoctrinating" My Children????

A little ways into this almost incoherent rant about climate change, Fox News' Chief Clown in Residence claims that the Baltimore school district is "indoctrinating" children by not serving meat on Mondays. You can watch the farce here:

Huh?? Making kids eat a vegetarian meal ONCE a week is somehow "indoctrinating" them? Indoctrinating them into what?? I make my kids go meatless a couple of days a week (in an effort to teach them better eating habits), so am I some kind of a Nazi-Mamma or something?

Did you notice the grill with ribs and hot dogs in the back-ground while he's ranting about the school district's mission to try to teach children healthy eating habits???? What in God's name is that supposed to represent? Everything that's good and pure in the American diet?

A couple other questions/points. Beck seems to be arguing that if you are a climate change activist, then you're a hypocrite if you eat meat (at least that's the argument I'm assuming he's making).

Now if the argument is if you are a global warming activist, then you shouldn't be eating meat, then why should Al Gore have to give up chocolate chip cookies? I understand the argument that he should give up cheeseburgers (and if you saw how tubby Gore is lately, if he is still eating cheeseburgers, who should be giving them up in any event).

However, I don't ever recall adding meat to the batter when making chocolate chip cookies. I agree that Gore should be giving up the cookies, for his health, but what does that have to do with the global warming activists who eat meat are hypocrites argument?

Also, I'm not a big fan of PETA, but how can it be "consistent" on climate change when it's an animal rights organization?????

I don't know what I'm more embarrassed by. The fact that Glenn Beck is an American, or that there are Americans who watch this Bozo and agree with him. There's probably some dufus out there now arguing that Al Gore is a hypocrite because he eats chocolate chip cookies.


  1. Bozo's jowls are an indication that he is not on the same health page as you are. He preaches to his choir which is getting older, smaller and left behind. They do watch a LOT of tv, while the rest of us are out there changing the world.

  2. Clearly real Americans eat meat at every meal :)

    I wish we could get away from the all-or-nothing thing. How bout we eat less meat, walk sometimes, keep developing cleaner fuel (we've come a long way in that regard). "Better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness" as my mother used to say.

  3. Hey, I'm a dedicated meat lover myself. But, I just realized that you can't eat your meat with abandon and be svelte and healthy too. So, I try to be "mostly vegetarian."

    And, to that end, I'm trying to educate my kids that forgoing meat at most meals is a good thing as well.

  4. We skip meat every other day.

    There are plenty of Glenn Becks in the world... and enough stupidity to go around.