Friday, October 16, 2009

My Body, Myself

I've been somewhat loathe to post pictures of myself here for several reasons. For professional reasons, I prefer to retain my anonymity. Additionally, as you have all probably gathered, I'm not all that tech savvy, and taking and uploading photos to a blog is really not my forte.

But I was inspired by my fellow blogger Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit's big reveal this week (looking good Jack!), and thought I'd at least try to show part of myself. You can check Jack out here:

So I pulled out the digital camera, donned my Lucky jeans and a form fitting top and stood in front of several mirrors in the house taking pictures.

I learned a few things. First, if you leave the flash on when taking a picture of yourself in a mirror, the flash reflects in the mirror rendering the image unusable. Second, if you turn the flash off when taking a picture of yourself in a mirror and there's not enough light in the room, the image comes out blurry, rendering it unusable. Third, if you turn the camera sideways to get a full length shot, I have no idea how to rotate the photo so that it displays correctly here on blogger.

So, out of the 20 or so photos I snapped, only one was usable here. Next time, I'll try for a full length shot so you can get a better idea of my results. I'll also try to find a "before" snap one of these days, and if I can figure out how to blur my face or cut off my head, I'll post that too.

As to the photo above, as you can see, I'm not half bad looking for a 48 year old. My biggest disappointment in my weight loss/fitness/health journey is the stubborn refusal of my post-menopausal, post-pregnancy "muffin top" to dissipate no matter how much cardio and mid-section toning I do. While I won't stop trying to lose that mid-section roll, I guess it may be a permanent feature, and I'll have to live with it.

Yep, losing weight after 45 is the biggest bitch of all, but if I'm healthy, fit, have a good BMI, and feel good about myself, that's all that matters.


  1. This 48-year old menopausal woman thinks you look great!

    I think that belly/muffin top thing is every woman's trouble spot - yours looks pretty darn good from where I am standing.

  2. If I end up looking like you after all my hard work, I'd be very happy and look forward to 48.