Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Didn't Know That!

I was reading this excellent opinion piece in USA Today arguing for a calorie added tax when I read this line:

"Add to these facts a recent study in the journal Environmental Health that found samples of the corn syrup also contained mercury — a metal that can cause neurological damage, especially in kids. A subsequent and more recent
industy-sponsored study at Duke University found no such contamination."

Because the Duke study followed the one that found the mercury in corn syrup, I'd like to find out who funded it. Chances are it's probably some outfit with financial interests tied to corn syrup.

I'm all for eliminated corn syrup from my family's diet, but if there's even the slighted chance that corn syrup can contain mercury, then I'm really going to step up efforts to do so.

BTW, you can read the rest of the opinion piece here:

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