Friday, October 23, 2009

Lunch with the Girls

A very, very good friend who had breast cancer 20 years ago, was just diagnosed with Thyroid cancer last week (I'll call her M). Next Thursday she is having surgery to have her thyroid removed.

Now this friend is part of a "group." Fourteen years ago six of us started a playgroup for our then 3-5 month olds. The playgroup lasted until the kids were 4, the friendships are on-going. We still get together for birthdays, holidays special occasions, and just because we feel like.

So needless to say, one of us going into surgery is cause for support lunch. I had gone for an excellent hike this morning with another girlfriend (not part of the group), and had actually discussed M's diagnosis with her. I commented that the "group" was trying to get together prior to M's surgery to show support.

I guess what they say about Karma is true. Just as I walked into the house another member of the group (I'll call her M2), telephoned and asked if I could do lunch at noon. I have Tai Chi at 1 pm on Fridays, so I didn't think I could do it, then M2 mentioned that lunch was at a local pub right next to my Tai Chi studio.

Destiny was obviously at play here. How else could six, busy Moms all be able to make lunch on a moment's notice?

At the Pub I didn't have a lot of time, but ordered the "Pub Salad," (lettuce, cranberries, apples, walnuts, croutons and warm goat cheese with Raspberry Vinaigrette). I remembered to tell the waitress to hold the croutons, but forgot to ask for the dressing on the side (at least it was a vinaigrette). I also managed to leave most of the cheese and nuts on the plate before I had to leave.

M really appreciated us making the effort to see her, and all the offers to make dinner for her, her boyfriend and her boys. I unfortunately had to leave to get to my class, but feel blessed that I could spend that time with M (who's very into local politics and is still busy working prior to the election on November 3).

I just now have to get cooking.


  1. It means so much to have a support group to call on when this stuff happens. It's awesome you were all able to be there for her.

  2. Sorry to hear about your friend. I posted about my girlfriend just the other day. She wants us to support her by doing the breast cancer walk. I said of course and I was hoping to run it since its only 2.5 miles (I think). I've always appreciated her friendship, but with her having breast cancer makes me appreciate her ever more.

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