Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Repulsing the Monkey

I've taken several tai chi classes, and I'm really enjoying them. I studied ballet until I was sixteen, and the slow, flowing movements of tai chi are reconnecting me to my inner child-hood ballerina.

What I particular like is the "homework" you're given at the end of class. The instructor gives each student a series of movements to practice at home until the next class.

I've gotten into the routine of doing ten to fifteen minutes of tai chi practice most nights before I climb into bed. I do a short warm up, then practice my tai chi movements a few times. It's calming and relaxing and the perfect pre-bed routine.

Plus, tai chi burns approximately 230 calories in an hour, so if I do ten minutes a night that's approximately an additional 270 calories burned a week which could mean an additional 4 pounds lost or not gained in a year!!!

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