Thursday, October 8, 2009

Really??? Soy Can Make you Fat???

I found this article on the Estrogen-Fat Connection incredibly interesting:

I of course knew that excess estrogen is one reason why women gain weight as they age. But it was when I got to the recommendations as to what to do to avoid excess estrogen that I got blown away. I already knew that synthetic chemical were a culprit in spiking estrogen (a good reason not to use them in your home and to eat organically.)

But she also recommends cutting back on soy intake.

Now I don't eat a lot of soy because it makes me congested (another side effect of soy is mucus production just like dairy)--but it adds to estrogen???

Now that's something I didn't know.


  1. Hmmmm, interesting, must investigate further. As a menopausal woman, I guess it would be OK? Didn't know about the congestion thing though. Darn, I eat a lot of soy :(

  2. OK. I just ran out of things to pour on my one and only cup of coffee. suggestions?

  3. I actually started using almond milk in my coffee. It's pretty yummy, adding a nice nutty flavor to my java.

  4. Tried it today. Did not expect to love it, but I did! Thanks. Reading your blog continues to change my lifestyle for the better.

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