Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Theme

I've been pretty busy with work in the last week, so I've been somewhat derelict in keeping up with my daily reading of my fellow diet bloggers. When I do get around to it, I seem to pick up running themes.

This time I noticed that Jack Sh*t Gettin' Fit, and Queen of my Domain both wrote about sticking with your weight loss routine even if things aren't going exactly as you had hoped (i.e., your weight loss isn't what you wanted it to be.) Check out Jack here: http://jackfit.blogspot.com/2009/10/dial-spiel.html, and QOMD here: http://www.queenofdadomain.com/2009/10/19-weeks-133-days.html,

I remember when I started my weight loss journey I had all these crazy goals to lose X pounds by this event. Well, it didn't happen. In fact, for the first two months despite increasing my exercising and cutting back on my eating I lost a grand total of two pounds. It was very frustrating and I seriously thought about just giving up.

Setting goals to lose a certain number of pounds by a certain date can do more to discourage your weight loss efforts than to encourage them. As the name of my blog says, Losing Weight after 45 is a Bitch. It takes a lot of real hard effort and self control to even lose 2 pounds a week, never mind five (which really is an impossibility if you want to lose it long term).

Realistic weight loss for the long term may only be 1/2 to 2 pounds a week. And, many weeks you won't even lose that. So instead of focusing on losing 10 pounds in 10 weeks, just focus on losing 10 pounds, and set up a reward for yourself when you finally reach that goal. When the day comes when you step on the scale and you've gone from 150 to 140 pounds, go get a massage at a fancy day spa, or get that Blue Dress you know will show off your new figure.

By focusing on losing pounds, instead of focusing on dates, you don't set yourself up to be discouraged when you don't meet those goals. And, attitude is everything when you're trying to slim down and get healthy.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shout-out.

    I never put any hard and fast dates to any of my goals; I was just more interested in the bigger picture, of finding a healthier lifestyle that I could live with... and start living with it.

    Good post.

  2. Well said. I'm aiming for my 10%, which depending on where I choose to put the start, is either 3 or 8 pounds away. I lose REAL slow but I am not in any way bending myself out of shape so I'm okay with it.

  3. Thanks again for keeping up with my lastest post. I agree, one can be really discouraged if the scale doesn't hit the mark that you've pictured in your mind or written down on the calendar. Nonetheless, just keep plugging away and you'll get there. Thanks for the shout out and keeping me on your blogs to read list.