Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Praise for the Lowly Almond

There's a really good article on the weight-loss benefits of eating almonds here: http://weight-loss-methods.suite101.com/article.cfm/almonds_help_maintain_a_healthy_weight.
Raw, organic almonds are a regular part of my diet. I use them on salads, in place of croutons, to add both protein and crunch. When I'm feeling a bit peckish between meals, almonds make a great snack.
Almonds can be an important source of both protein and calcium--something all of us older gals need. They also pack in fiber and Vitamin E.
Most importantly, almonds fill you up and leave you satisfied. I find that eating a small handful of almonds when I'm feeling hunger pangs is all I need to keep me going for another couple of hours until meal-time.

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  1. That is such great news, because I totally <3 almonds and they are my favourite snack!