Thursday, October 8, 2009

Call Me Fat and You Die

To me being fit and losing weight is about making myself happy and being healthy. I'm too often reminded, however, of the external pressures that society puts on us, particularly if we're women, to meet some idealized standard of beauty which may not actually be healthy.

After all, we all can't be anorexic teen-age girls who live on cigarettes? Yet, that's exactly what many models are, even though they're wearing clothes meant to be worn by women who are considerably older.

Here's a good example of what I mean. Nicole Eggert used be be one of the Baywatch Babes. Here she is years later, after having put on a few pounds. From what I gather, she's been getting heavily criticized (excuse the pun) for doing what we women do naturally when we get older-we get heavier.

Now, after watching this video I have to say that Ms. Eggert should definately scrap the too small bikini, but she would still be quite attractive in a nice Tankini that covered her stomach. Another thing about getting older--you have to dress your age.

Ms. Eggert looks healthy here, and while she could stand to lose a few pounds, she certainly isn't "fat." I love her sense of humor in answering her critics. You go girl!!

There seems to be some problems in viewing this video via Blogger, so check it out here at this link:


  1. Might have been funnier if the casting hadn't included the doughy slacker who looked to be in worse shape than the lifeguard. Double standard?

  2. I wonder what her height and weight is. I'm not sure she needs to lose weight. Thanks to the unrealistic examples set by models and actresses (helped by airbrushing!), we really don't know what "real women" are supposed to look like.

    I do think she needs a new swimsuit, though!

  3. Stunning story there. What occurred after? Good luck!

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