Saturday, August 15, 2009

What I like to Watch When I'm On the Treadmill

As I previously wrote, one of the best investments I made for weight loss was my treadmill and a TV to park in front of it. My reasoning was that if I had time to watch TV, then I had time to exercise.

Often, even if I've already taken my power walk in the morning, I'll jump back on the treadmill in the evening for a walk while I watch TV. It's not a full scale work-out, I usually just have the treadmill at a slight incline and a low speed. It's like taking a light walk, and I can easily burn off a couple of hundred extra calories this way.

Here are just a few of the shows I've been watching lately while taking a walk:

True Blood: Sex and Vampires and Vampires and Sex. It's pure popcorn television with lots of cliff-hangers and the eye candy is amazing. Just about every guy on this show has an amazing body, and, because its on HBO, you usually get to see at least one naked or partly naked every week.

Hung: A gorgeous, sexy, well endowed basketball coach runs into financial trouble so he leverages the only "asset" he's got and becomes a male prostitute. Along the way he evolves from being an insensitive jock to a sensitive, caring guy.

Entourage: A bunch of 20-something guys hit it big in Hollywood when one of them becomes a movie star, and they spend wads of money on cars, houses, entertainment and women. The movie star's agent is an obnoxiously funny con man who always gets the job done.

Cooking Shows: Just about any show that has a person standing in a kitchen making food, from Julia Child to Elie Krieger, the Barefoot Contessa to the Naked Chef. I check out both the Food Network and all my local PBS stations to see if any cooking shows are on just about every time I hop on the treadmill.

30 Rock. Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and a cast of crazies mock corporate television.

Gossip Girl. A bunch of slutty, well-off, spoiled rich kids make mayhem in Manhattan.

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