Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cooking from the Garden and Farmer's Market

When we came back from the Beach, we found the garden overflowing with tomatoes, peppers and herbs, so I've been preparing meals to use up the bounty.

Being I credit consuming primarily raw vegan food for my weight loss and maintenance, the just picked tomatoes and peppers have found themselves in plenty of salads.

But, I've been cooking with them as well. On Sunday I braised sea scallops in a broth I made with leeks, tomatoes and white wine. After it was done cooking I added chopped fresh parsley and served it with a whole grain bread I got at the farmers' market.

Last night for dinner I made Brushetta. I made a tomato topping by mixing chopped tomatoes, garlic and red onion in a bowl and adding salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. I let the topping sit for a few hours, then added freshly chopped basil and balsamic vinegar. Then I toasted up the left over whole grain bread from the farmers' market under the broiler in the oven. I melted a bit of mozzarella cheese on the bread under the broiler then topped with the tomato mixture. It was heavenly (and because it had a raw component helped my diet).

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