Monday, August 17, 2009

Blogging from the Beach

It turns out that there's a really weak wireless connection here at the Beach house my Mom is renting. I must be poaching off of someone's WiFi connection.

In any event, we left yesterday afternoon to drive from Connecticut to the Jersey shore. After we got here, we dined old-style Italian on my Mom's rigatoni with meat sauce (red sauce with home-made meat balls and sausage.) It's a meal I grew up on (every Sunday and at least once during the week), but these days is reserved as an occasional treat. Being that we're Italian, there was no dessert, per se, other than fruit (always a good thing when you're watching your weight).

After dinner, since we had built in babysitters, my husband and I took a long romantic walk on the beach (lots of kissing!!). It was a "date" and exercise at the same time.

This morning I was able to return to my normal eating patterns. My parents have a ton of fruit in the house, so I had fresh cantaloupe and a banana for breakfast. I then took off with my sister to a vigorous vinyasa flow yoga class. After I came back, I took my son for a long walk on the beach (it's so nice having him back from camp!). I then made myself a big salad for lunch.

Everyone is at the beach now, but I'm hanging back at the house working, reading and I even took a nap.

I think lobster is on the menu for tonight. As long as I keep away from the melted butter, I should be OK. If not, maybe my husband could be persuaded to take another walk!!!

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