Friday, August 14, 2009

Off to the Beach

On Sunday my whole family heads to the Jersey Shore for a week. Beach Haven Terrance on Long Beach Island to be more specific. My Mom rented a house big enough for the entire extended family, my family, my sister's family and my other sister and her boyfriend, so it's going to be a week-long family reunion.

I'm planning on taking long walks on the beach every morning, and am bringing along my Teva sandals so that I don't get sidetracked by shells, etc., cutting into my feet. I know from previous visits that there's a great yoga studio on the island with challenging Vinyasa classes--not my normal Ashtanga routine, but it's good to mix it up. I'll try to head over there at least two or three times. Maybe we'll rent bikes and bike around the Island as well, and I definitely want to take the kids on some long beach walks as well.

Since we'll be hanging at the house most of the time for meals, I'm hoping to stick as close as possible to my raw vegan until dinner routine. I also know that we'll be eating lots of shellfish and lobster which isn't too bad as long as I avoid the drawn butter (ditto for the corn on the cob).

We're Italian, so I'm sure pasta will be served at least a couple of times, and the good news there is that its likely to little or no meat.

So, all and all it should be a good week, diet and exercise wise.

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