Friday, March 5, 2010

You Might Want to Skip the Salad

The Cheesecake Factory's Caesar salad has 1,513 calories. California Pizza Kitchen's Waldorf Chicken salad has a whopping 1,570 calories.

Those are just two of the unhealthiest salads you can get. Find out about the others here:

I can't tell you how many times I've been to restaurants, ordered a "salad" to start only to be served some caloric disaster containing copious amounts of cheese, croutons etc and very little actual vegetables (I always get the dressing on the side). Lately I just send it back, asking that the offending ingredients be removed.

Why are America's restaurants working so hard to make us fat? If someone orders a "salad" they are no doubt trying to watch their weight. So why make it harder for us?

These calorie bomb salads are just proof that we need legislation requiring calorie counts on menus. Something tells me that once people see that the "salad" they were thinking of ordering contains close to their entire calorie allotment for the day, I'm sure they wouldn't order it.

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  1. Good link. I saw my favorite salad (Applebee's Asian Chicken Salad) :(