Friday, March 12, 2010

Want to Avoid Gaining 10 or 20 pounds???

You are what you drink.

Did you realize that drinking one bottle of Snapple's Agave Melon Antioxidant water is the equivalent of eating three bowls of Honeycomb, and that to work off the calories you'll have to shovel snow for 20 minutes?

Drinking a bottle of Snapple's Lemon Iced tea is the equivalent of eating six Fudgsicle bars, and drinking a 16 oz bottle of SunnyD is the equivalent of eating 8 Eggo Choco-nilla waffles.

And a drinking a bottle of Minute Maid lemonade is the equivalent of eating six Good Humor Ice Cream sandwiches. 0

And, if you think you're being healthy by drinking a Naked Protein Zone Banana, well you might as well have eaten five Breyer's Oreo Ice Cream sandwiches.

What you drink influences what you weight more than what you eat does. If your drinking habits regularly include any of these drinks, you may want to rethink the habit.


  1. Last month, we decided to stop buying juice. Now if I could just stop eating the ice cream sandwiches. lol

  2. When Michael Pollan was asking for people's food rules, one that came up more than once was "don't drink your calories." Juice and milk were included in that; wine and beer were not!

    I only use milk and juice as ingredients. With the exception of the above mentioned wine and beer, the only time I drink my calories is homemade smoothies, but I consider those a meal in a glass.

  3. My downfall is Sweet Tea. I love, love, love the stuff.

    It doesn't love me back, so I have to stop this relationship . . .

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