Monday, March 15, 2010

The Raw Food Diet and Detox

I found this article about Steve Pavlina very interesting:

I actually followed Steve's blog back in 2008 when he went completely raw and it was one of the reasons why I moved towards raw foodism as well. I'm not completely raw, although I have gone through 1 to 4 week periods of doing so to detox. I generally stick to a 50% rule--more than 50% of my weekly diet has to be raw, vegan foods, and I usually aim to have at least 66% of my diet raw/vegan.

Pavlina, however, has gone another route, and is a full-time raw vegan. That's just a bit too intense for me. I do admit, however, that I always feel great when I go completely raw, even if just for a few days, but I can't imagine living that way for the rest of my life. It's just too extreme for me, and I just enjoy food too much. I also don't relish the thought of being the biggest food pain in the ass whenever I go out.

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