Thursday, March 11, 2010

Beware of Big Corporations Bearing Gifts

Because it is in their economic interests to keep us fat and watching TV. Marion Nestle reports on a disturbing new trend, big corporations essentially silencing their critics with money. Read about it here:

It's doesn't take a dummy to figure out that if Weight Watchers is getting compensated by McDonalds to have Weight Watchers' "approved" meals on their menus, Weight Watchers is unlikely to recommend to its dieters to stop eating fast food (which they should).

Additionally, if Pepsi is funding a fellowship at Yale for doctoral work in nutrition science, you can bet dollars to doorknobs that new "science" isn't going to be critical of sugary soft drinks.

And, it is indeed disturbing that a big corporation like Disney can arm twist Harvard into evicting an organization that proved that its advertising was false.

People, while going to the polls is extremely important (and you should vote every chance you get), its more important to consider how and were you spend your money. You vote with your money, and if big corporations don't get yours, they can't use it to undermine your efforts to keep yourself and your family at healthy weight.


  1. It's my belief that if there's a change in the way we cook and eat, it's not going to come from any corporation, branch of the government or any diet plan. It's going to come from US and how we vote with our dollars.

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