Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Is the Universe Conspiring Against Me?

I'm still working on losing my Winter/Holiday weight gain, or at least not gain any more weight. The one area were I have always excelled is exercise. I actually love to be physically active, so exercising for a couple of hours a day or more is not a chore.

This week, however, everything in the universe seems to be conspiring against me. First of all this weekend, we had torrential rainfall, winds and flooding here in New England meaning that doing anything outside had to be scratched. I also couldn't go to yoga. The News Reports advised people to stay home because power lines were down and trees were blocking many roads.

"No problem" I said to myself, "that's why I have the treadmill." But when I hopped on my treadmill on Saturday afternoon and tried to get a work-out in while watching an episode from the first season of Mad Men I got an "error" message on the screen. My treadmill would not work.

Making matters worse, the storm knocked out power and telephone lines across the whole New York and New England region. I have yet to be able to make an appointment to get my treadmill serviced because power and phone lines are still out at the company I bought it from.

Thank God the weather finally improved and I started walking out-doors, going to yoga etc. But now I've been hit with a monster cold. It is virtually impossible for me to breathe through my nose and despite taking anti-histamines, using my neti pot, rubbing my chest with vapor rub etc., I barely slept last night because of the congestion. Normally I go to yoga on Wednesday but I feel so miserable I think I have to just stay home and rest.

I don't know what I did to anger the exercise gods, but I do hope they get over it.

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