Monday, September 21, 2009

What the F*ck Part Deux and a Wonderful Hike

Last week I wrote about how my weight skyrocketed from 126 to 130 in just a couple of weeks. Yesterday morning I stepped on the scale and I was at 127.

Go figure?

My daughter had a birthday party yesterday afternoon and my husband was loathe to tear himself away from some sporting event on the boob tube (I can never keep track of them, but all I know is that all seem too important to miss). Not wanting to waste an absolutely beautiful New England afternoon, I took my son for a long hike.

Not having to drag along my eight-year old, daughter was rather freeing. My son, who's fourteen, and I really pushed ourselves, taking a particularly long route, and we hiked at a very quick pace.

I could have gone even further, but at the point were we could either go back to the car or hike another mile or two, my son was huffing and puffing pretty badly and sweating like a dog (it's pretty disconcerting when your baby gets BO). So we took the trail back to the car and ended the hike.

When we got home, my husband was still in his place, on the sofa, yelling at the TV screen because his team wasn't doing that great. He was miserable, but I was ecstatic.

So, there's a lesson to be learned. Why sit in front of a glowing screen getting fat and miserable when you can go out into the woods, have a great time, and burn a load of calories?

It's a no brainer for me.

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