Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What the F@ck is Going On?

Losing weight after 45 is really a bitch. Just a few weeks ago, back in early August, I was ecstatic because I finally got down to under 125 pounds. Two weeks later I was at 126 pounds which didn't concern me two much at the time. Weight fluctuates and generally I've found that when I reach a milestone it takes a few weeks more for it to finally settle in the new lower range.

But I held steady at 126. Also not a concern, the more weight you lose the harder it is to lose.

So my response was to increase my exercise a bit more. I upped the intensity of my walks, made them a little longer, and spent a little more time on yoga practice.

I didn't change my diet much, and I definitely was not eating more.

But then last week I got on the scale and I was 128 pounds. This morning I got on and I was 130.

This is so, so frustrating because it took my months and months to get from 130 pounds down to 124.6 and just a few weeks to go from 124.6 to 130.

Yes, losing weight after 45 is a major bitch, and keeping it off is even a bigger bitch.


  1. Just 4 lbs could be a combo of water retaining and digestion/regularity stuff. You are taking excellent care of yourself, don't get hung up on a #. If you have been exercising harder than usual, some muscles might be inflamed and you are retaining liquid while they adjust. Try some green smoothies for digestion. I'm sure you will be back where you like it.

  2. Thanks, I drank a big glass of water with apple cider vinegar yesterday (and will again today) to see if it is water retention. I've been pretty "regular" so I don't think that's an issue, but did take some extra fiber just in case.

    I am thinking that it could be muscle gain, and plan on taking measurements to see what's going on.