Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Little Bit of Raw with Every Meal

A couple of weekends ago I took advantage of a particularly nasty, wet, rainy day to have a cook-a-thon in the kitchen. I made batches of roasted peppers, caponata and pesto to store in the freezer.

Tonight for dinner I'm taking advantage of my garden's largess by using some of the pesto I made that wet, rainy day.

Pesto is and of itself is a raw sauce, but I'm upping its raw credentials by adding a pint of sliced cherry tomatoes and a finely chopped, yellow, bell pepper into the mix.

The pesto will be tossed with the tomatoes, pepper, Romano cheese, salt, pepper and whole grain pasta for any easy dinner.

I just love having a freezer full of garden bounty!!!

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