Friday, September 4, 2009

The Importance Of School Lunches

Funny, I just blogged about school lunches this morning, then I found this blog by Alice Waters over at The Huffington Post:

Our kids are our future. Let's stop feeding them crap.


  1. I gotta make you laugh about school lunches. On the first day of kindergarten I wake my son up for breakfast and he says "that's okay I'm not gonna eat here, I'm gonna eat in that cafeteria." I'm like WT_ do you mean, and what do you know about the cafeteria since he's never been to "big boy" school. He told me he watches Disney and Hananah Montana eats in the cafeteria with her brother Jackson.
    Needless to say on the first of school he came home with his healthy lunch still in his book bag because what.. he ate in the cafeteria. Of course we had the talk and he knows better to eat his mommy made lunch.
    He's asked me if I can make him a salad or send him to school with Mock Chicken salad (from Whole Foods) I'm not sure if soy will keep until 12:15 without being in the frig.

    Please do a dressing post. I think I'm going to try you dressing with D'jon Mustard and EVOO.

  2. I'll have to write down the recipes. I tend to just "cook" without measuring ingredients, so it's always hard for me to slow down and measure stuff out.