Friday, September 4, 2009

It's the Most Happiest Time of the Year!!!

The kids started school yesterday. The only bummer is that my son's bus picks him up at 6:55 am!!! I now have to get up even earlier than I have been to get my power walk in so that I can be ready at 6:25 am to try to get my 14 year old son out of bed, dressed and fed before the bus comes (which isn't easy).

It was nice having the kids around, and we've done some fun things together in the last few weeks, but I have work to do. I've tried working with them home, but then I feel guilty that they just sit in the other room playing computer and video games. I took them on hikes, to the beach etc., but once they got back to the house it was straight for the electronic crack.

So, now at least they'll be a supportive, educational environment for most of the day, and, thankfully, our school system changed to a new "healthier" cafeteria menu a few years ago. The food is made with all whole grains, there are no vending machines with soda or candy, and every meal is served with fresh steamed vegetables and fresh fruit. They even banned chocolate milk above the elementary level.

So I can rest assured that they're eating right as well. I'd like to take credit for the healthy foods in school, but the credit goes to two other mothers who, a few years ago, pushed for the change. Some kids at the high school level, initially griped, but in the end everyone accepted it.

As it is, most of the parents here in town were feeding their kids nothing but whole grain pasta, bread etc. and limiting the candy and soda so it wasn't that dramatic change for them.

And, as one young figure-conscience young lady told me, it's better not to have the temptation in the lunch line when you're trying to watch your weight.


  1. Our school was on the verge of putting McDonald's into the middle school ("That's what they eat anyway.") Then Supersize Me came out and some unpleasant news about childhood obesity. 180 degree turnaround. I was thrilled. When I was a kid (grumph grumph) it wasn't all these elaborate parties at school with candy, cupcakes and soda. Still not ideal but much better (kind of like how we eat at home).

  2. At our schools we are now required to bring in a "healthy" alternative for birthdays. I.e., if you bring in cupcakes you also have to bring in a bag of apples. The school has also aggressively tried to get parents to bring in smaller sized treats for b-days, i.e., mini-cupcakes instead of the full sized ones.

    I'm lucky in that I live in a community progressive enough to push for these changes. All these wonderful things happened, and I didn't have to do a thing.