Monday, July 20, 2009

Post-Op--Getting Back into the Exercise Routine

I'm still not 100% up to speed following my surgery on Friday. I took a couple of short, easy walks this weekend on the treadmill, but otherwise I basically slept through most of the weekend.

Today was the day the doctors said I could drive and return to my "normal routine." I've always found, however, that "normal routine," essentially means sitting at a desk and emptying a dishwasher, not training for a marathon (if that's part of your "normal routine"), and certainly not doing a full Ashtanga primary series practice.

Still, I wanted to start to get back to my normal exercise routine. I didn't, however, want to risk overdoing it and injuring myself. So, this morning walked my normal 3.5 mile outside route, sans the 2 pound weights I normally carry. I also went at a slower pace and gave myself more time to complete the walk.

I also did my normal Monday morning yoga practice. I only did, however, about half of what I normally do. Over the week, I'll gradually work myself back up to my normal work-outs.

I think it's better to do something, exercise-wise, than nothing. I may have only did a fraction of my normal yoga practice, but by going back and even doing that little bit, I set the wheels in motion to getting back to my normal routine faster.

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