Thursday, July 2, 2009

13 Big Fat Dieting Myths

And, every one of them, as far as my experience goes is true. Check it out here:

Of course, the number one myth is that you can lose weight without exercising. Absolutely, positively NOT. If you want to lose any weight, then, sorry, you have to move your ass. I don't care how much you hate to exercise, hate to sweat etc. Unless you want to stuck at your current weight (or even gain more), then you better get used to exercising every day, and sweating buckets.

The idea that some ultra processed food will help you lose weight because its "low fat" is also a big fat lie. You're better off eating an entire raw avocado then a 100 calorie low fat snack pack. The avocado may have more fat and calories, but in the end it will fill you and satisfy your nutritional needs, whereas the 100 calorie pack just dumps refined sugar and calories into your system.

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