Wednesday, July 22, 2009

101 Simple Salads for the Season

Today, vegetarian until dinner, and New York Times Food Critic, Mark Bittman, gives recipes for 101 Salads for the season in his weekly column. Broken down into the categories of vegan, vegetarian, salads with seafood, salads with meat, salads with noodles and grain salads, there are plenty of ideas to up your raw percentage for both lunch and dinner. The recipes are here:

As you all know, I generally try to eat a raw, vegan diet until dinner. But even at dinner time I try to up my raw percentage (which I generally try to aim at 60-70% for the week) by either having a salad with dinner or making a salad the centerpiece for my dinner.

The raw asparagus salad (recipe number 4) definitely seems worth a try as does the radish/jicama salad with mango (recipe number 5).

Tonight I'm making a version of Bittman's more vegetable, less egg frittata which I wrote about here:

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