Monday, July 27, 2009


Yesterday, I took the kids for a hike. I had planned a nice four mile loop with a few breaks for rest in a nearby nature conservancy. I knew it would be stretching my eight year old daughter's limits, but I really wanted to set a good example that exercise could be fun.

We had to cut the hike short. We barely made it half-way through my intended route.

We've had an incredibly wet and cold Spring and summer here in Connecticut, and we're starting to see the effects. Despite liberal application of bug spray we were inundated with what must have been thousands of buggy attackers. Anything that could bite was on us.

My poor daughter didn't ask to end the hike early, but kept pleading "Mommy, can we not do this again after it rains." After hiking and slapping ourselves for about 2 miles, I decided we had enough, and took the kids back to the car.

Despite our failed attempt, I do try to take my children hiking at least once or twice a month. I also downhill ski, cross country ski, ice-skate, snowshoe, canoe, kayak, and roller blade with them. I think it's important that the whole family exercises together. It sets up a good example for them to see you active, and anything that gets me moving means I'm burning calories.

And, the kids generally love it (my daughter protests from time to time, but my son can't get enough).

Plus, there's nothing as wonderful, as spending hours hiking, skiing, etc., with my children. Away from the TV and video games, you can really connect with them, and they can't tell you they're bored because they're moving.

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