Thursday, April 8, 2010

What Is It with These People???

I simply cannot get over the hysteria people work themselves into just because people are trying to change Americans bad eating habits.

Some back-ground, on Monday at the Easter Egg roll on the White House lawn, the Obama's replaced some of the candy in the kids' goodie bags with fruit (they still got chocolate and Peeps), and set up exercise stations manned by athletes on the lawn as well.

Now, I think these changes, should be lauded, but, of course, there are a number of naysayers. I not only found the hysteria in this post over at Reason laughable, but the comments to the post are even more laughable: Could someone please explain to me hour putting fruit in a kids' goody bag will make eating fruit "mandatory?"

I found this quote in the article particularly hysterical: "Like most obesity eliminationists, Barack and Michelle Obama are willing to fight fat on the beaches, in the lunch rooms, and dining rooms, anywhere and whatever the cost may be, including engendering an eating disorder in their own children ("Malia was getting a little chubby...") because the only thing worse than being a bulimic is being a fat bulimic."

The Obama's are "obesity elimationists?" What's that mean? That they are going to subject obese people to their own Holocaust or something?

This post calling Michelle Obama "The National Nanny" also caught my eye:

These are children aren't they? I find it amusing that instead of honestly criticizing Michelle Obama's efforts, critics resort to using alarmist words like "nanny," "nanny state," "socialism," "paternalism."

So, the bottom line is that all they're doing is just calling names. It's all so childish. I don't know what's worse, the critics who throw these terms around because they don't have any better honest arguments, or the rubes who post comments to these posts who agree with them using even more pathetic arguments and name calling.

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