Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Principal Lost 20 Pounds

I know I seem to be obsessing about Jamie Oliver the last few days, but he is all over the news, and what little I've seen this week about food and health related issues all seems to point back to him. But what intrigued me to post the link to this article:, isn't so much the discussion about Jamie's program, but the part about how the principal of the West Virginia school lost 20 pounds by eating healthy and dining with the kids.

Get that? This principal lost 20 pounds eating Olivers' school lunches. What does that tell you? Eating healthy and eating less processed foods is a path to weight loss. There are no miracles to weight loss, no magic bullets, no secret combinations of food. Just eat less stuff made by corporate America and more made by mother nature.


  1. Anyone believes or not, i will certainly believe on the text which you have written. Well i had also tried and achieved it but slightly less than what you have done.

  2. Yay for the Principal, being a good adult role model!

  3. The process which have gone through has actually given me a lot of motivation. Now i feel that even i can do it.