Thursday, April 8, 2010

No, You Can't Just Get a Shot

The FDA has stated that so called fat dissolving treatments offered by spas are just plain bogus.

Read about it here:

It seems that a number of spas have been offering these "treatments" called names such as lipodissolve, mesotherapy, lipozap, lipotherapy, or injection lipolysis. All involved a series of injections into whatever area you wanted to dissolve the fat (ouch!!).

Well, the bottom line is that the FDA determined that they don't work.

Of course they don't work. Unless you shell out big bucks for liposuction (and go through the recovery period), there's only one way to lose weight--substantially reduce your caloric intake and exercise.

That's right. Losing weight is a tremendous bitch. There just is no easy way to do it. So save your money on treatments and miracle pills, and just eat better, eat less and move.


  1. There's a non-invasive fat-melting laser treatment going around, too.....

  2. Well, let's see what the FDA has to say about that in a few years.