Thursday, April 15, 2010


SkinnyHollie has a great post on making changes in her household which you can read here:

I'm lucky in that our school district went "healthy" a few years ago so that there's no real junk food in the lunch program (all whole grains, no french fries, locally sourced fruits and veggies, etc), and there are no vending machines with candy and soda on school grounds. So, unlike Hollie, I don't have to make lunch for my kids to take to school, but if you're district is still serving the kind of food chronicled in the School Lunch Project (, it's something you may want to consider.

And, I put my whole family on the "no fast food" diet years ago. None of us needs it. Besides, I've found there's plenty of good, healthy, home-made "fast food" that I can make. And, as I always point out, I burn far more calories making food, then sitting on my butt and going through a drive through.

One thing I've learned about losing weight and keeping it off. It's not a solo project. The whole family has to change it's eating habits, not just you. And, you're not depriving them of anything, you're helping them on the road to good lifetime habits.


  1. I'm right on with that. There shouldn't be kid junk food and the adult diet food. Everyone benefits from healthy eating.

    By the way, I'm 62 and I find it isn't that much of a bitch losing weight. I've found though that I have to put in the same amount of effort exercising that I did when I was 35 and trying to lose weight. I find though that my energy level drops in the afternoon after all that morning doing. I don't remember that at 35. But so I am a little tired. I just take it easy in the afternoon. The 60s have been good years so far.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out!

    It must be nice to have healthy lunches. Our district say they are "trying", but processed food is cheaper! Sad, right?

  3. I agree that it has to be a whole family project, my husband has been wonderful about eating healthier. I like your blog.