Friday, April 9, 2010

It Might be a Good Idea to Skip the Latte

If you decide to have a latte at Krispy Kreme, you better skip the donut--and eating for most of the day. That's because a Krispy Kreme Latte contains a whopping 1050 calories.

And, that's not even the worst coffee drink you can order. Check it out here:

A Cosi Double Oh! Arctic Mocha contains a whopping 1,210 calories.
It all gets back to not drinking your calories. If you love coffee (and I sure do) order a regular coffee with skim milk and forget the fancy drinks.


  1. OHHHH!!! I never go there. And I never will!

  2. The Coffee Lite Frap at Starbucks is divine with a shot of sugar-free Vanilla. (no whip) I think it's only about 120 cal? Yummy.