Friday, April 30, 2010

My thighs Are All in My Head

Bitchcakes has a very good posting today about her animosity towards her thighs. Read it here:

Bitchcakes, I can relate. For as far back as I can remember, my thighs and me have been at odds.

I remember standing in front of mirrors when I was in high school and college, pulling back the fat on my thighs in a way so that you couldn't see it from the front and thinking "if only." I have to admit I still do it from time to time and think about whether or not I should shoot the family budget on a little liposuction.

Funny thing is, a few years ago I found a photo of me in a bikini from when I was in my mid-20's. At first I didn't recognize myself. The girl in the photo was HOT. I mean, I couldn't get over the body I had--this girl was thin, muscular and had curves in the right places.

Then I thought, about how back then I was always thinking I needed thinner thighs, bigger boobs (I'm a D cup), or slimmer waist. Yet here I was over 20 years later staring at this picture and wondering what the hell I was thinking.

It all goes to perception. Once I hit my 20's I probably never had 19 inch thighs and never will (unless I submit to the aforementioned liposuction). I'm a naturally busty girl who has the hips, thighs and butt that go along with being naturally busty. I can be thin and healthy for my body type, but I'll never be built like Kate Moss.

So the message to myself is to stop fixating on my thighs, and focus on my overall health. Besides I've got better things to spend a few grand on then my thighs.


  1. I was never happy with mine either-- wish I'd known about tap squats then, it's the only thing that's really helped. We wonder what we were so worried about, looking back, but I think sometimes we forget that all our peers were in their 20s as well and the bar was pretty darn high back then. I know my roommate, a beautiful girl with a lovely trim figure, was always bitching about the size of her breasts which were just right for her body. That was the 80s and bazongas were coming into style.

    I'm glad you have some great bikini pictures! I never felt right in a bikini-- just didn't look good on me for whatever reason.

  2. As a 13-14 year old, I used to beat my thighs for being fat. Poor things. And they weren't. Like you, I see pictures of me then and wonder what the heck was wrong with my self image.

    In 25 years I'm going to look back to my "now" and still wonder what is wrong with my self image. I might as well appreciate what I've got presently and take care of it (...hmmm... now if only I could keep the eclairs out of my face).

    The only person who should want to look like Kate Moss is Kate Moss.