Monday, June 15, 2009

Sudden Weight Drop--Could it be the cleanse?

I've been hovering around 128 pounds for a few months--occasionally dipping down to 127 but shooting back up to 128 (or beyond), in the next day or two.

So I was shocked when I stepped on the scale yesterday and it read 125.6 pounds. I had been 128.4 pounds just two days earlier. This morning I got on the scale again and I was 125.8 pounds.

I haven't been practicing any extreme caloric reduction or sudden increase in my workouts so the weight drop is curious. The one thing I have been doing is following my cleanse (which I wrote about here:

I'm doing a colon cleanse. The purpose of doing a colon cleanse is that over the years, excess waste can actually "glue" itself onto the walls of your colon. It's quite possible to be carrying around 10, 20 or more pounds of extra waste in your colon. By engaging in a colon cleanse you essentially work to shed this excess waste (and the weight that goes with it).

So the weight I lost this week loss could be excess waste loss because of the colon cleanse, not fat loss.

Another benefit of the colon cleanse is a flatter stomach. The excess waste in your colon can actually be distending your stomach. By clearing out the waste, your stomach naturally flattens.

I'll continue to monitor my weight for the next few days, but today I'm feeling pleased. If I can actually keep my weight in the 125 range it will be the first real significant weight loss in a couple of months.


  1. What colon cleanse are you using?
    Btw, love the blog. I just discovered it today and read ALL your posts!

  2. I'm using the Ultimate Cleanse which I wrote about here:

    Thanks for the kudos. Hope you check in regularly.

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