Monday, June 1, 2009

More Crazy Diets

Another fun article listing some of the most ridiculous diets of the past decade or so:

I have to admit to using Slim Fast on more than one occasion, but never for more than a week. I did manage to lose a few pounds each time, but the weight always came back.

As far as Atkins goes, it just always seemed too restrictive to me. Besides, nothing makes me crazier than inviting people over for lunch or dinner and being told I need to have specific food available because people are on Atkins or whatever the new fad diet du jour is.

I'm sorry, but losing weight shouldn't make you a pain in the ass to anyone who invites you over to eat. Unless you get a hostess insistent on pressing food on you, there's no reason why you have to announce to anyone that you "don't eat X" (and, as far as I'm concerned, a hostess should present food and not be obessed if you eat it or not).

Besides everyone I've ever known who's been on Atkins, South Beach or whatever "you can't eat X" diet that pops up, always loses weight when they're on it, but then gains it all back the minute they return to their "normal" eating patterns. The weight loss is unsustainable, because the diet is unsustainable.

Temporary diets lead to temporary weight loss. You can only lose weight for real if you make lifetime, permanent changes to your eating habits.

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