Monday, January 3, 2011

I'm Ba-a-a-ck!!!

Back from a week of Winter fun in New Hampshire, but the skiing hasn't stopped. Tonight is the first night of Special Olympics' practice. I'm head coach for the local Alpine team, and my son is one of the athletes competing on the team. Every Monday for the next two months we head up to a local ski mountain to train.

It is, of course, a new year, and that means resolutions. So here are my resolutions:

First, I'm going to continue to strive to practice yoga every day. As those of you who follow the blog know, I'm an Ashtanga practitioner, and I'm training to be a yoga instructor. In the Ashtanga tradition you practice six days a week, taking Saturdays off, and you also take "Moon" days off. A full primary series practice can take 1 hour and 45 minutes, so needless to say, I won't be doing that daily. Ashtanga tradition, however, says that a "practice" can be as little as six sun salutations and three seated closing poses--which takes ten minutes. So while I do try to fit in the full primary at least once a week, most days I'm doing a shorter practice. I've gotten good at fitting in a ten to fifteen minute practice on those days I can't make it to the Shala, but I do need to improve.

Second, I want to continue to work on improving my eating habits. Over the past several years, I've made incredible progress in eliminating junk food from my diet, but improvement is still needed. My biggest weakeness is junk sugar. Put a bowl of peanut M&Ms or Reeses Peanut Butter cups in front of me and I'm a goner. I've learned over the years that willpower is cumulative. It's better to set short term goals of eliminating junk foods from your diet then just go cold turkey. I think the goal this year is to totally avoid eating Reeses Peanut butter cups. Maybe next year I'll work on peanut M&Ms.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. You have inspired me to not only give this whole weight loss thing another try, but to also begin my own blog to track whatever progress I make.

    So many of the things you have said make perfect sense to me. It's not like I haven't heard or read them before, but you say it in such a way that I can actually understand it.

    Right now I am going through your posts to find the one about the lemon tea. I am not sure if I will be able to stomach it, but I am certainly willing to give it a try.

    I hope you have great success and manage to reach your final goal. Right now my goal is simply to "Learn to eat better" and "Lose SOME weight". I figure if I do not set any particular weight loss goals until I start to see a change, I will be much better off.

    Thanks again!! You have been my inspiration.

  2. I start every day with a cup of lemon tea. I look forward to it. It's wonderful in helping the digestion.

  3. I tried the lemon tea this morning. I did not enjoy it. However, it is possible that I did not let it steep long enough. Tomorrow is another day and I will try it again. I was thinking about adding just a drop of honey to it. I think that might make it better for me.

  4. Honey is good, although I on occassion like to add a drop of maple syrup. Mostly I just like to drink it plain with lemon, or with a bit of fresh mint.