Friday, January 7, 2011

Lunchables will Not Make Your Kid President

I saw this over at Fed Up with School Lunch and was appalled:

"Princess today. President tomorrow?
Kids are full of potential. And
unlocking it starts with a great lunch.
Now LUNCHABLES has mandarin
for a full serving of real fruit.

it doesn't get better than this"

Um, actually, it can get considerably better then this were kids' nutrition is concerned. Even with the "Mandarin oranges" (which are no doubt preserved in copious amounts of sugar, Lunchables are a foul substitute for a healthy nutritious lunch for kids. Lunchables are full of fat, sodium and dubious man-made chemicals. Plus, feeding your kids this kind of processed crap puts them on the road to bad life-time eating habits.

If you really want your kids to have fruit, peel and section a fresh clementine for them instead.

1 comment:

  1. I know! I haaaaaaate commercials with unhealthy foods that are geared to kids. McDonald's is the WORST, too. Luckily, my kid hates McDonald's because there's nothing there that he can eat since we're veggies. I love that!!!!

    Although...he will most likely get picked on when he goes to school in September.

    Sometimes...I wonder what would happen if fast/processed food went out of business. I wonder if families would start eating together again and making healthier meals and such. That would be amazing.