Friday, April 13, 2012

Your Pants are Lying to You

I've always thought that clothing manufacturers have "shrunk" sizes over time, but this confirms it. 

I still wear the same size that I did in college--size 4.   The only thing is that I can't actually fit into any of the size 4's that I had bought 20 plus years ago when I was a working woman and bought some high end clothes (like Chanel and Donna Karan).   My old size 4's from 20 plus years ago are more like size 2 or 0 today (0 and 2 didn't even exist as sizes back then).  

I also known that while my size has remained the same, my measurements have gotten larger.  

Still it was fun to see my suspicions regarding "size inflation" confirmed by the Economist.  


  1. I'm sure that there are all kinds of marketing strategies around sizes and what makes people buy more of a certain kind of clothing. Especially designer clothes. Interesting topic.

    I recently cleaned out my "big clothes" finally from my closet. Along the way, I found size 6-8's pants that I had saved from 10 years ago. They didn't fit at all. My body shape changed so much. Mid-40's and one kid later.

    Lesson learned for me, not to keep clothing in my closet that does not fit. LOL!!

  2. Vanity Sizing is alive and well! I just wrote about it!