Friday, January 6, 2012

Why Cheese Is Addictive

I knew there was a reason for my cheese obsession.    I'm still paying the price for my annual holiday "cheese-a-thon" in the form of excess pounds, bloating and gas.  

But, I can't help myself once I get started.   You put that cheese plate in front of my and as long as it's good cheese, I'm going in. 

Yes, yes.  I know that as the video says I should just swear off cheese forever and go to a completely plant based diet, but I'm just not that "religious." 

But the new year has started, and my resolution is to get "clean" again, so it's time to go cold turkey (which I have been since Jan. 1), and just give up the cheese and dairy again for the good of my digestion and my waist-line.


  1. Good cheese and bread are two of the worst foods for me. I can snack on them all day long. I practically cut them out of my life completely when I realized that cheese is about 110 calories for a 1" cube. I will have them back into my life one day, but in moderation.

  2. Hi there - I just found your blog and looks like we're on the same path, struggling with weight as we get older. I'll be reading with interest.