Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I Told You So

Paula Deen finally owns up to the fact that she has diabetes.  What do you expect when you sandwich a hamburger, cheese and fried egg between two Krispy Kreme donuts?

I too, find it rather galling, that Deen only seems to be admitting her diabetes because she's scored a gig with a drug company.


  1. It just galls me..totally pisses me off that here she has this perfect golden opportunity to TRULY affect people. She has a built-in fan base who she could teach and ease into all the things she has learned from her diabetes journey. But what I'm gathering from her appearances on the morning shows is that no, she has no intention of changing her lifestyle, foods, cooking, etc...because as you said she has scored the paid gig with a big pharm company and that little pill will handle it for her. UGH! Everyone out there is struggling so much with losing weight, being fitter, being healthy. Yes, we all need a little escape/treat in moderation here and there but these people in the spotlight who perpetuate living dangerously by fueling ourselves with crap just really piss me off. Sorry for my soapbox venting but this one just really blows my mind at how hypocritical and reprehensive it is. She's had it for three years I read somewhere? does she look, live or eat any differently now than three years ago? hmmmmm.... Thanks for letting me vent. Allie

  2. Sadly, I feel like this has become the way in our country. Take a pill to cure what ails you. Never mind you've done nothing to treat the actual problem. I watch what I eat and have a naturally healthy cholesterol level. I have a number of friends who brag about their levels, yet all of them are taking Lipitor and eating anything they want. That seems unfair and beyond ridiculous, and that's how I feel about the revelation about Paula Deen. And this episode exposes her as not being the genuine woman she plays on TV -- both by the fact that she hasn't changed her cooking style at all and that she cut a deal with the drug company. But shame on the drug company, too. This is how you market your diabetes drug ... by signing a woman who kept her illness secret while plying America with cream, butter and fried foods? Shame on ALL of you. I, for one, won't be watching.