Thursday, January 12, 2012

We're Eating Less Meat

Overall as a nation that is.   Mark Bittman writes about it on his blog.   Can you believe that we've actually reduced meat consumption by 12% over the last five years?   That's pretty significant if you ask me.

What's interesting, is that the apparent reason for the reduced consumption is that we, the consumers, are choosing to eat less.    It's not that we've become a nation of mad, animal-compassionate vegetarians and vegans, it's that more of us are choosing to be flexitarians, i.e, significantly cutting down on how much meat we consume without actually becoming vegetarians.  

I'm in that Flexitarian catagory.   I went "mostly vegan" when I was initially trying to lose my middle-aged spread and haven't looked back.   Energy wise, and weight wise it's done wonders for me.