Friday, January 20, 2012

Never Mind the F#!king Kids-It's My Husband who's the Biggest Food Pain in the Ass

In accord with my New Year's resolution to eat "cleaner" I've been making quite a few vegan meals in the last few weeks.

One of my vegan "go to meals" is to use up left-over brown Chinese Food rice by sauteing it with veggies, olives, lentils, beans, mushrooms, etc.  

There's never an exact recipe.  I'm a big believer in just heading to the store, seeing what's on special, and winging it from there.

Now, usually my husband eats these "mock risottos" without complaint.  

But yesterday was different.   The local market had these beautiful green peppers on sale, and I thought I'd try something new by making the same sauteed rice dish I always do, but then adding the second step of stuffing the peppers, and baking them.

They came out delicious.   The only problem was that my husband refused to eat them.

Why?   Because, he told me, he hated stuffed peppers!!

I pointed out that he had routinely ate the pepper stuffing, that the stuffing contained all kinds of things he loved, like mushrooms, tomatoes and olives (and I should note that he'll eat sausage and peppers with no complaints!!),  and the only thing that was different was that it happened to be stuffed in a pepper.

He then said, that was the problem, that once the stuffing went into the pepper, he wouldn't eat it.

OK, so he likes peppers (and often asks for dishes with peppers in them), he liked the stuffing, but, once the stuffing went into the pepper who wouldn't eat it.

I have to ask, does that make sense to you?  

I can see this kind of behavior coming from a kid, but from a 52 year old man???? 

I swear to god, husbands are worse than kids.


  1. Oh husbands...their "logic" can be mystifying!

  2. It's not just men. I have known many women who are picky with their foods. I have a simple rule though, if someone takes the time to cook me a meal, it has to be pretty revolting for me not to eat it. When I cook someone a meal, I really get pissed if they don't eat it and will not cook for them again.

    A couple of weeks ago I made this lovely peanut chicken with rice. It is my fav recipe, and my guest asked for ketchup. Not happy, but at least they ate it :)

  3. OMG! You are over 40, you swear like a trooper - are we sisters! I am your newest follower in a non stalking way! Are you UK based like me?

  4. I'm over 50 and a Jersey girl (meaning I grew up in New Jersey here in the states), we swear like Fu#king sailers.

  5. Your husband is crazy stuffed peppers are the best!!

  6. This made me laugh. My husband doesn't like his food to touch on his plate so I can see him saying what your husband did.

    I'm a Jersey Girl, too! Lived there til 4th grade then moved to NYC.