Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year's Resolutions--Clearing the Kitchen

Well, one of my New Year's resolutions was to get back on the "clean eating" bandwagon.  Now that I've gotten all my cancer treatments behind me, it's time to shape up again, and get the body cleared out.

Of course, clearing out the body is hard to do when your kitchen is still stocked with holiday baked goods, breads, cheeses etc.

So, in the last two weeks as these items have disappeared, they're not being replaced.

Instead, I'm only buying plant-based foods, and whole grains.   

I've also been working towards moving back to my usual "mostly vegan" diet regime.    I'm not someone who does "cold turkey."   If I try, I relapse.   The better approach for me is the gradual withdrawal. 

Today is almost a totally vegan day.   I started the day with 2 bananas and almond butter, and how a baked sweet potato and a salad for lunch.    Dinner for tonight are peppers stuffed with lentils, tomatoes and brown rice.   It would be a totally vegan day, but I snatched a piece of Christmas Stollen as I was slicing off a bit for my husband this morning (the Stollen was home-made by moi, so I know it's loaded with eggs and butter.)   The Stollen is, Thank the Lord, the last of the holiday baked goods in the house, so after that we're "clean."

Tomorrow, I'll aim for totally vegan again, and maybe in the next week or two I'll do a vegan week.   


  1. you and I are on the saaaaaaaaame wavelength :-)