Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Soda Tax: What Can a Penny Do?

Save a hell of a lot of lives over ten years.  It would also lead to quite a drop in heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

And, in case you need further reinforcement as to why drinking soda is a bad idea, take a gander at this:

If you can't read this poster clearly, you can check out the full size version here.


  1. The problem is that adding taxes to an item to try and reduce it's use does not work until the item becomes so expensive that stopping it's purchase makes a huge difference to your wallet. This has been the case with tobacco and alcohol. There comes a breaking point for most people but it is generally once you have practically doubled the price.

    However, I am against taxes as a method of trying to 'control' people. What I prefer is that there are consequences to a persons action. Much higher health insurance costs for smokers or alcohol. Higher costs when it is deemed greater injuries due to not wearing a seatbelt etc..

    At the end of the day, my costs for a healthy living is not much different that someone who eats fast food, smokes, drinks and has soda. I would like there to be a benefit to me other than just being healthier.. like health insurance costs significantly lower.

  2. Golly that is scary...
    I have stopped sugar and my skin looks wonderful..thanks for the updates