Thursday, March 24, 2011

OK Congress--Do Something

According to a recent poll, the majority of Americans think that the government should do something about child-hood obesity.

Of course, although significant majorities see the need for government intervention, and the number will likely rise, the likelihood of the government actually doing something is slim.

That's because food manufacturers have big bucks to put in politicians pockets, and food manufacturers want to keep kids fat and obese because that's how they make money.

If the government was going to do something, it would be measures, like taxing soda, that reduce consumption. That would hurt profits.

So, while I take heart that the "we have the right to eat desert" message of the Palin faction of this country is pretty much only resonating with a small group of ignorant idiots, the reality is nothing will change.

Rather sad.


  1. I reallllllllllly wish that the government would do something about childhood obesity. I'm worried that all the work we're doing to help our once "obese" son get into shape and showing him what the good foods are and such will be blown away once he heads to public school (in a few months). Once they get there it's a free-for-all with soda machines and junk food in the cafeteria. It saddens me soooo much to see all the big kids at the playground and, even though the parents are at blame A LOT, when the kids aren't around the parents they most likely go ape on all the sugar-laced, fatty foods that are in schools and corner shops all over America. :(

  2. At the risk of drawing a lot of ire - why does it need to be the government that does something? We don't need government control in every aspect of our lives - and once we invite it in, it's too hard to get rid of if it doesn't work. Parents need to take back control of teaching their children how to make good choices - and they need to band together on a local level to have their schools remove or limit the soda machines, etc. Start forcing the local school boards to take action by being a vocal parent.