Wednesday, March 9, 2011

An Ode to Vegetable Soups

In case you missed it, Mark Bittman does vegetable soups every which way in last Sunday's NYT's magazine. Check it out here:

I'm making a vegan "raid the refrigerator and pantry" soup tonight. It's not one of Bittman's recipes, but just a concoction of vegetables I needed to use up from the fridge, along with leftover Chinese food rice and a can of beans.


  1. My wife's crazy grandmother used to throw everything and anything (and I mean, ANYTHING) in the pot and call it "Garbage Soup".

  2. I'm with your wife's crazy grandmother. You can throw just about any combination of vegetables into a pot add some water or stock and you got a soup.

  3. I made the bean soup from Bittman's collection. It's terrible. Tasteless and bland. I threw it out. So disappointing because I usually love his recipes.