Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Losing Weight Starts in the Kitchen

I was happy to see this little piece on Jezebel. I'm always thrilled to hear or read about someone taking the time and the initiative to learn to cook.

What disturbed me, however, is that quite a few of the comments to this story were from people declaring that they didn't know how to cook and never wanted to learn.

I was particularly shocked by the number of people writing that they purposedly refuse to learn to cook, because if they do, people will expect them too.

I want my family to expect me to cook for them, and eventually I want them to cook for themselves.

The only way to control what goes into your body and the bodies of your family is to prepare your own food.

Whether you get processed convenience foods, take-out, or go to restaurants, you are ceding a measure of control over your own body to someone else, and that is never a good thing.

Of course I cook for my children. Do you have any idea what goes into kid's convenience foods? Read the label, and you'll be scrambling up eggs for the kids regularly as well.


  1. Great post, and so true. Have a great week.

  2. I was rather shocked, too, at the number of folks who refuse to cook. I learned to cook in my early teens and find that it is a very relaxing and fulfilling activity. I love to combine ingredients into tasty things to serve my husband and friends - it feeds the nurture part of my soul. And these days, it's especially fun to concoct a nice healthy dish that they can enjoy without harming themselves.