Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Diet Vieux, Nouveau Nom

There's a new fad diet on the horizon, and this one is connected to royalty. The Dukan diet has been popular in Europe for a while now, but its promoters are now bringing it to the US.

The Dukan diet sounds a lot like Atkins and South Beach, in that it involves eating copious amounts of protein but very little carbs. Just the name is new.

Something tells me in the next few months I'll be having to arrange my lunch dates with girlfriends around their "Dukaning." In other words, they'll be no sharing of Paella because someone can't eat the rice.

I've been through this before, I had countless friends on both Atkins and South Beach.

And, you know what? Those friends all regained whatever weight they lost while on those diets.

So here we go again.


  1. Oh dear. Here we go again indeed!!!! I'm not one for cutting out any food groups. It may work for some, but it wouldn't be for me. (maybe that explains why it's taking me months to lose weight, but oh well)

  2. It may be taking you months to lose weight, but the weight you take off will more likely stay off. Everyone I know who did Atkins and South Beach lost weight, but then gained it all back. I also don't believe in not cutting out any food groups (other than ultra processed foods), but I do believe in limiting them.

  3. You know I was thinking the same thing, lol! I have been through both Atkins and South Beach and I lost lots of weight, but of course I have gained it all back with interest!
    Now that I finally posted I like to thank you for a great and informative site. I have been reading your blog regularly for the past month or so. And I have even gone back and read your posts from the beginning. Since Feb, I have been following mostly fresh fruit and veggie diet, with occasional chicken and egg. I have not lost any weight (I am 42) but I feel great. I got the Detox package you posted a few days ago, and since Tuesday night I have been taking it. After I got the package I started reading the Amazon review and was not very comfortable to take it, but since I had opened the package I did. On Amazon some people had posted about side effects, but I have to say, I am not experiencing any side bad effects. I am experiencing side effects as explained there, but nothing uncomfortable. Anyhow, hopefully once I cleaned house I would be able to see some weight loss. Again, thank you for posting about the detox program. I truly appreciate it.
    And I think eventually people are going to find their ways to the healthy eating of fresh fruit and vegetables, helpfully.

  4. Um... if it's gonna make me lose my hair like PW, then maybe I'll skip it... there has to be another way...

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